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Travel to Norte Argentino

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The Puna de Atacama, the Quebrada de Humahuaca, Calchaquíes Valleys, the Forest Tucumán. Who has not ever dreamed of running these wonderful destinations. A region to discover, to their ancient culture, amazing and ancient landscapes and changing the eternal solitude of the isolated spots in the middle of the mountain.

Trips and travel to northern Argentina may be hiring a tour or walk on their own.
In the latter case, it is important to plan well in advance.

With regard to transportation, if you choose the bus, we must take into account that the distance from Buenos Aires are great - average 20 hours of travel, thus worth spending a little more and hire a service to initiate bed or suite the trip rested. By air the journey to northern Argentina takes 2 hours.

If travel by car will, plan adequate rest stops before reaching the final destination, both outbound and return. Thus the trip to Northern Argentina will require more time but ensures pleasant surprises.

Accommodation can be arranged in advance by the Internet through advance booking tools. A very good option, once you have armed the itinerary. This approach not only provides the assurance of accommodation (hotels, hostels, lodges, cabins), but not require, in most cases, a deposit prior to travel.

While each city in northern Argentine Ministry of Tourism has carefully to the public, must take into account that not all towns have them. Whereupon, armed once the itinerary is important information on times and types of transportation for tours, days and times of National Parks, and availability of drinking water.

Course, sample the delights of each site (cheeses, sweets, jams) will be happy to add to the experience of travel, but can ruin indigestion of the trip. If you fear this problem will be best to avoid street vendors (a common form of provision in the north) and look for places routers, tourist sites, restaurants or bars. And always carry a supply of drinking water to remote villages.

Another delicacy during trips to northern Argentina are the wines. While Cafayate is "the city" of the northern wine, where you can visit centuries-old wineries and tastings, wine will be offered in every corner of this region as well as the local hospitality and kindness.

In short, travel to northern Argentina will be a safe and pleasant experience whenever you have in mind some tips before starting the journey:

- Find a comfortable transportation to get rested.
- Book your accommodation in advance
- Plan routes calm as transport from one locality to another can take time.
- Always carry drinking water.
- Check schedules and regulations of the National Parks.
- Be prepared to enjoy all that the place can offer.

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